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Leave the road, take the trails and dash into a sea of Authentic Endless Discoveries®.

Embark on an exceptional safari experience that will take you to the most remote and private locations unimaginable. Your Journey is curated to include quite everything from start to finish on your arrival in Africa – including all local flights-where stated, transfers, hand-picked stays, meals and drinks on safari, game park levies and a private guide. Exceptional experience at the fraction of the cost.

Wild & Untamed

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We have the best people to make your safari unforgettable.

Witness an abundance of wildlife on every single drive.

We don’t insist on “pre-packaged, set-date safaris with 20 persons

Our enthusiasm is infectious, and our knowledge and attention to detail meticulous.

Rediscover the oldest desert on Earth

“Namibia is a novel-tale destination with breathtaking dunes and stunning red silhouettes, which are characteristic of the region known as Sossusvlei. During the dry season, a variety of desert-adapted wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and oryx, can be found gathering around the waterholes located on the edges of the salt pans. In contrast to the arid inland areas, the Skeleton Coast is known for its shipwrecks and seal colonies, creating a unique atmosphere in Namibia.”

Sand dunes, Ancient Cities & White Sand Beaches

History & Modern Treats Fusion

United Arab Emirates, Turkey-Republic of Türkiye, and Thailand, three of the most vibrant and exciting destinations in the world!


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