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Traveling with us means friendship, fun and adventure plus the security that our local knowledge brings. Our experience in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia also ensures your holiday is well thought out and planned to make the most of our amazing Country, and we exceedingly done well at this for the last 10 years.

Picking the right Safari adventure company is critical to the success or failure of your adventure trips. It can mean the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a complete nightmare. We have perfected the art of endless great memories.

Our Mission

Focus on you! Provision of 100% tailor-made safari experience, designed to suit the best ethos, your personal interests as well as your budget. We do not take you on one of ‘our safaris’; instead you will be the one creating the perfect trip with the help of our safari specialists. With our experience and expertise we will guide you and give you the needful advice where requested.

Our Vision

To minimize environmental impact and support the people living in our safari sites and locations. We believe that eco-tourism in Uganda and other remote areas such as these needs to respect the culture of local communities, their modest economic means and the fragility of the local environment while heightening the safari experience of our clients

our core values

  • Quality of product & value for money: Countless hours are spent ensuring that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed to ensure that we bring you tours that are of exceptional value. The delicate balance is to ensure that all tour costs are covered, all unforeseen incidents catered for, trucks are busy and that there is continual reinvestment to ensure that our tours continue to grow from strength to strength, while still delivering our guests a tour that they couldn’t have done for less themselves.
  • Responsibility & accountability: Every staff member at  Safari Retreats Uganda  is responsible and accountable for their actions, whether to our teams or to our guests. Our responsibility to you is to provide an exceptional service and product from your first contact with us until you are happily home after a trip of a lifetime. We rely on a comprehensive feedback system from our guests to ensure that we hear your compliments and concerns and continually do all in our power to improve our tours.
  • Fun & adventure: This is the easiest part of our promise to you as we have got our work cut out for us by having Uganda and East Africa at large as our destination of choice. No matter which tour-package you decide to travel on, there will be epic adventure at your fingertips and our guides will ensure that you have a fun time.
  • Integrity & honesty: For over 6 years,  Safari Retreats Uganda has been respected as a legitimate and professional safari adventure tour operator. Now one of the largest mid-sized safari adventure tour companies in Uganda , we have enjoyed a long and productive history in the industry while continuously evolving our products and services as we consistently strive to stay a couple of steps ahead.  Safari Retreats Uganda is also a member of Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) , Association Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) and a host of other professional safari associations and bodies.
  • Service excellence & efficiency: We are extremely proud to be owned and managed by a fair mix of different nationals including Ugandans, Americans and Europeans. This creates a competitive edge in terms of service excellency. For the Ugandans managers, living and working every day in Uganda means that our finger is directly on the pulse of the country and we can carry out quick implementations if required. This ensures you receive the best Africa has to offer with the comfort of knowing that you are travelling with the best connected local operators. Every cent we earn is spent in Africa – creating jobs! By choosing us, you ensure that a large number of Africans are both directly and indirectly employed.
  • Sustainable Tourism: Every cent that is spent on your tour goes back into improving the local economy and in turn creating more opportunities for industry growth and development, and in turn, more jobs available in the market.

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